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Discovering what's out there

April 08, 2019

Many of us feel nervous when meeting a group of people for the first time. What are the dynamics of the group, what are the in-jokes, will I find common ground with someone - are just a few questions that can plague you. A lot of your hard work at suppressing your crippling social self-doubt can unravel with a shaky introduction or misplaced comment. You may even find yourself wondering: "Are they laughing with me because I'm funny or at me because of the overly pointy brogues that I'm wearing?"…

Building a networking layer with operations

October 03, 2018

Networking is central to how most apps add value to their users which is why significant effort has been put into creating an easy to use networking layer by both Apple and the open-source community. When iOS was first released, NSURLConnection was the native networking suite it shipped with. However the NSURLConnection story actually began long before iOS as it was first released in 2003 with Safari, this meant that NSURLConnection was never designed for the magnitude of tasks that it ended up having to s…

Keeping things going when the user leaves

July 15, 2018

In the past iOS was always about living in the moment - totally focused on whatever the user was attempting to do. This approach was good news for users as it allowed for a very responsive user experience on performance constrained devices however as app developers it limited what we could do because as soon as an app went into the background iOS suspended it. As devices have become more powerful and energy-efficient, iOS has eased the "living in the moment" restrictions while maintaining responsi…

Don't throw anything away with pausable downloads

March 05, 2018

Once upon a time, an app was just a stripped-down version of a website. Those days are long gone. Our users now expect to be able to do everything through the app that they can do through the website. This change in expectation has meant that our apps have become increasingly media hungry. Despite network speeds increasing year-on-year, network requests are still the most likely source of bottlenecks, especially media requests. Every time a user has to wait for a network request to complete before they can…

Making a request with a side of testing

September 27, 2016

Most iOS apps will have a networking component, in previous posts I've written about treating the network call and parsing as one task or how to cut down on unneeded network calls by coalescing but in this article I want to describe a pattern I use to construct the actual requests. As we will see this pattern helps to encapsulate knowledge of request structure expected by the API into one suite of classes and also allows us to more easily write unit tests for a critical part of our infrastructure. What is…

Coalescing Operations - Take 2

September 07, 2016

In "Coalescing NSOperations" I wrote about coalescing NSOperations however, during the writing of that article, I began to explore other ways that I could coalesce operations. One solution I discovered has all the benefits of the previous coalescing approach but significantly reduces the amount of effort required by the developer to support coalescing. This new approach is the topic of this post. Take 2 📽 In "Networking with NSOperation as your wingman" I wrote about combining NSURLSes…