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Building a networking layer with operations

October 03, 2018

Networking is central to how most apps add value to their users which is why significant effort has been put into creating an easy to use networking layer by both Apple and the open-source community. When iOS was first released, NSURLConnection [https://developer.apple.com/documentation/foundation/nsurlconnection] was the native networking suite it shipped with. However the NSURLConnection story actually began long before iOS as it was first released in 2003 with Safari, this meant that NSURLCo…

Considering pages when caching a JSON response

March 27, 2016

Social networks work on the basis of presenting a feed and allowing the user to interact with the content contained in the feed in (hopefully) novel and interesting ways that the user derives usefulness (joy?) from. The presentation of the feed varies greatly from social network to social network but the underlaying model is often very similar to: The Feed being the set of the total information, if you are using a RESTful API this will often take the form of an endpoint url: https://greatsoc…

Networking with NSOperation as your wingman

February 04, 2016

> This post is based on an Objective-C example. If you are more interested in seeing how to combine networking and operations based on a Swift example, head over to the more recent "Building a networking layer with operations" [https://williamboles.com/building-a-networking-layer-with-operations/] post. The beautiful and maddening thing about programming is that there are so many ways to solve the same issue. Each solution has its own tradeoffs and as developers, it is up to us to choose the s…