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Unleashing your build settings

September 12, 2016

For years I've used Preprocessor Macros in Build Settings as a convenient place to store configuration specific details - this connected with different schemes allowed for quickly switching between different states in the app without having to make any code changes. I often applied this to the base URL for accessing the API or ensuring that I was sending analytical events to the correct Mixpanel project. This resulted in simple code, such as: [WBSConfig sharedInstance].APIHost = BASE_API_URL;…

Runnable test schemes for Travis CI

February 27, 2016

When I first created ConvenientFileManager [https://github.com/wibosco/ConvenientFileManager] I didn't add a unit testing target - what can I say, I was young(er) and foolish. Recently I decided to rectify this grievous error and added a unit testing target. After writing the tests I pushed them to my repo and CI took over. However, Travis CI [https://travis-ci.org/wibosco/ConvenientFileManager] ran into some trouble when attempting to run this test target, resulting in the following error: The…

Keeping things @class-y

June 29, 2011

I run into the following error from time to time" Expected specifier-qualifier-list before `XYZ` and everytime it takes me a while to work out what caused it. Making sure I don't forget 🙃 It's caused by introducing an import circular dependance where class abc imports class xyz which imports abc - the compiler is then caught in an infinite import loop. When we use #import we are copying that class's code into the importer's class whihc in turn copys it's imports, etc, until we get to the bo…

Missing from the target

November 14, 2010

It's not unusal to see the following error when attempting to use a new framework or class: _OBJC_CLASS_$_'XYZ' There are mainly two reasons why this error occurs. 1. Forgotten to include a framework that you are attempting to use. 2. A class's .m file isn't included in the Target. See below for more information on both these possible causes. Missing framework Lets use the example error of _OBJC_CLASS_$_CoreData. If when adding Core Data to your project manually, you receive a similar set…