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Naming trouble with a new certificate

January 18, 2012

The other day I had to resubmit my CSR file to the iOS Provisioning Portal as I was moving mac (and no longer had access to my old mac to move credentials across). Having did this before (on this mac in fact) I thought it would be a straight forward task: 1. Open Keychain Access 2. Select "Request a Certificate from a Certificate Authority" 3. Fill in details and save to disk 4. Upload CSR file However I was getting caught out on point 3, no matter how many times I requested a certificate…

Sharing the iOS distribution certificate

December 13, 2010

Due to Apple only allowing one member of an enterprise account to hold the role of Team Agent and that user having their certificate associated with that accounts distribution certificate, if you want to have multiple machines capable of signing a build with that distribution certificate we need a way to share that certificate's private key. Below are the steps I found for sharing that certificate and provisioning that second machine for producing a distributable build. Exporting the certificat…

Creating a .ipa file in Xcode 3.x

December 06, 2010

Having set myself up as the Team Agent on an enterprise account I was then tasked with creating .ipa files so our "in-progress" applications could be seen and played around with by the senior executives in the project. I followed the apple documentation and correctly set up the provisioning profile and created a new build configuration to use this profile. By far the easiest approach was to use the Xcode UI: 1. Select "Build and Archive" from the Build drop down menu 2. Wait for your project…